hush baby specialises in teaching new and expectant parents how to safely and effectively massage your baby from top to toe. Learn techniques on how to soothe & prevent wind pain, full body massage strokes, lymphatic exercises and much more! hush baby courses also include safe wrapping techniques, new baby education & tips, sleep & settle advice and Dunstan Baby Language™ DVD’s & education. Dunstan Baby Language™ educates parents on the 5 sounds ALL newborns make to communicate their basic needs – hungry, tired, wind pain, burp & uncomfortable. A must for all new parents.

We offer all our courses as in-home private lessons with friends, mothers’ groups or one-on-one for parents. Choose from an Introductory Lesson or the Full Course which teaches parents everything there is to know about massage and more!

Book or enquire now about a hush baby massage course and start discovering how you and your baby can enjoy the amazing benefits baby massage & Dunstan Baby Language™ has to offer. Gift vouchers available – perfect gift for the new or expectant parents.


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