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When should I learn baby massage?  We highly recommend learning baby massage before your baby is born or as soon as possible after the birth.  The most common feedback we receive is that parents wish they had learnt prior to or shortly after the birth of their baby.  Learning between 32-38 weeks of your pregnancy is ideal and allows you to start massaging your baby as soon as you are ready.

Can my partner attend the classes?  Does it cost extra for them to attend? Yes partners are more than welcome to attend!  There is no extra charge for your partner/support person to attend (limited to 1 person).

What is Dunstan Baby Language?  It is a simple, universal language based on reflexes, that all babies between 0-5 months use to communicate their basic needs such as hunger, tired, upper and lower wind and discomfort – a must for all new parents! DVD’s can be purchased from hush baby.

How do I learn Dunstan Baby Language?  The DVD is an easy and effective way to learn the language in your own home.  The DVD allows parents to easily learn, identify and understand the 5 sounds that all newborns make to communicate their needs. There is also an App for iPhone and iPad available.

My baby is now 3/6 months old, is it too late to learn baby massage?  Not at all.  You can start massaging your baby at nearly any age. Babies from around 3 months onwards will show their delight by smiling, giggling and cooing when being massaged.  Babies of all ages love to be massaged and often their older siblings love to join in too.

What if my baby is asleep or does not want to be massaged during the class?  We have massage dolls that parents are able to use during classes should your baby be asleep, not wanting to be massaged or if you are attending a class while pregnant.

Can massage hurt my baby?  No, when massage is taught correctly by a Certified Infant Massage Instructor you can be assured that you are taught how to safely and effectively massage your baby from top to toe.  It is particularly important to be shown the correct techniques for specific massage sequences such as the wind and colic sequence, to ensure you do it effectively, correctly and safely.

Is massage an effective way to help relieve wind pain in my baby?  Yes!  Absolutely! The wind and colic sequence is a very effective way to help prevent and relieve wind pain.  Hush Baby can teach you this simple technique to assist your baby in times of discomfort from wind/colic pain – it can be performed safely and easily at any time of the day or night.  We receive very positive feedback from parents who have used the wind and colic sequence.

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