‘In just one day since attending your course and watching Dunstan Baby Language I have been able to decipher my baby’s cries so much better.  Understanding what he wants has made me feel more like an accomplished mum!  The wind/colic sequence seems to be helping already and I can’t wait to perform full body massage.  Thank you, I am so pleased I met you and attended your course.’

Nicole, Kirwan

‘Doing the one-on-one course in my home was fantastic.  Learning how to massage my baby and in particular the wind/colic sequence was not only an extremely useful skill but also a beautiful thing to be able to do with your baby.  Both my baby and I love our ‘massage time’ every day and I have noticed a difference in his wind pain since massaging him daily.  I would highly recommend Louise and any of her courses to new and expectant parents.’

Kristen, North Ward

‘I did the hush baby workshop whilst pregnant with my first baby.  I felt so much more prepared than what I would have been right from hospital.  I could hear my daughter making the Dunstan Baby Language sounds and it made my life so much easier!  She started having some wind problems but I started the massage and have been right ever since.  Thank you and I will be sending a few friends your way!’

Elisha, Out of Town

‘I am massaging both the boys now and they just love it!  If only someone could do this for me everyday!’

SB, Idalia

Hush Baby was recommended to my by a friend. My baby boy and I really enjoyed the classes. Louise helped me to feel much more confident with my technique and now I try to incorporate a massage in to our everyday routine. My baby loves it!’

EL, Wulguru

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