Parents are often amazed to discover the almost endless list of benefits that baby massage provides. It goes above and beyond relaxation – massage also encourages neurological and developmental benefits too. Specific strokes can soothe wind and colic pain, assist reflux and can regulate sleep patterns. Massage provides quality time between a parent and their baby, is a great form of play and can involve dads too!

Here are just some of the benefits;

  • -Prevention and relief of wind and colic
  • -Improves sleep patterns and encourages deep sleep
  • -Enhances cognitive and motor development
  • -Promotes learning, sensory awareness and co-ordination
  • -Strengthens the immune system
  • -Assists reflux
  • -Encourages weight gain
  • -Can assist with postnatal depression
  • -Promotes brain-body communication
  • -Enhances midline orientation
  • -Relaxation of skeletal muscle
  • -Increases blood and lymphatic circulation
  • -Reduces anxiety and improves alertness
  • -Decreases stress hormone levels in babies and their parents
  • -Improves sleep by increasing serotonin levels and regulating melatonin
  • -Secretion rhythms in the brain
  • -Tones muscles and aids growth
  • -It’s fun and enjoyable for both parents and babies
  • -Babies who are massaged cry less
  • -Is beneficial for premature babies plus so much more!
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